Whose that girrrlll?…it’s Bri!

Hey there! If you read my title of this page to the tune of “New Girl” then we will for sure be friends. If you read that and were confused…no worries I’m also frequently confused by pop culture references ;)

In case my business name didn’t give it away already…my name is Bri'Anne! I love terrible puns and as a full-time photographer...I try to never lose my focus...ha. ha. Get it? Oh well it was worth a shot (pun master strikes again!). 

I crave traveling, love to explore new places, and thrive on being adventurous. But so does everyone else with an Instagram, which just means I’m relatable and unique… just like everyone else, haha! Hmm what else do I like [insert thinking emoji here] well I'm slightly obsessed with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, I believe its always a good time for tacos, and I’m head-over-heels in LOVE with my awesome husband [insert drooling face here]! 

I'm what I like to call an introverted extrovert; I enjoy people, can talk to strangers, and don't mind talking to crowds or wrangling up a bunch of folks for a massive family photo, BUT my ideal evening would involve delicious food, a movie, and cuddles on the couch with my man and my old puppy. 

My life's purpose can be summed up into three things: love God, love people, and do stuff for both. That's what it all comes down to for me and it's how I find joy, love, peace, excitement, fearlessness, adventure, compassion, and so much more. I believe in capturing the moments not just the poses…which means sometimes in my own life, I put away the camera and just soak in the beauty of God’s creation.

[ Favorite verse Isaiah 1:17 ]


Social Media…the struggle is real

I have been in a constant battle with social media from day one. I appreciate what sites like Facebook and Instagram have done to grow my business, they’re amazing marketing tools! My battle lies more with the overall facade that is so easily put up on these sites. I want to be real, and my own personal truth is…I don’t really care how many followers I have or how active I am on my accounts, I care more about real relationships with people. I don’t want to waste my life posting stuff about my life. So I’m sorry if I’m not the coolest person to follow online and I may never create a blog…but let’s grab a coffee…or a taco…and get to know each other in person!

Goals & Purpose

My goal with BriAnne Elizabeth Photography is to use my skills as an artist and photographer to help you keep your memories beautiful. I'm often told that I should narrow down my photographic focus and pursue just one subject in photography...I understand that from a business perspective but that would take away my very purpose of being a photographer: my desire is to capture the beautiful moments and memories of every stage in life, because I truly believe that life is a gift and it's meant to be cherished. So I’m here to help you cherish every moment.



My main squeeze ;)

This guy. Wowza. God is so amazing! I am insanely blessed to get to be this man’s wifey as of October 20th 2018! He is my favorite person to do everything and nothing with, he is kind, compassionate, superrrrr cute, funny, thoughtful, and strong in so many ways. God brought us together through our desires to be missionaries and our love for leading student ministries and I can’t wait to see where God leads us next on this great adventure!