the Gist

With the easy access to camera’s nowadays, everyone is a photographer. And whether you’re looking for your wedding photographer, or wanting to get your senior pictures taken, I know you’ve got plenty of options to choose from so what makes me stand out?


This is a big one and you don’t fully realize it until the day of your wedding or photo session. I’ve been running my business since 2010, photographed over 100 weddings, and captured hundreds of other portrait sessions. You want to hire someone who is confident in their skill and won’t leave you feeling helpless when you’re suddenly in front of the camera. I’m kind yet authoritative when I need to be (particularly on wedding days) and its always my goal to make people laugh and feel relaxed while taking their photos. You’ll be working with someone who doesn’t just “take pictures” cuz its fun, you’ll be investing in a professional who knows how to work with all sorts of people, situations, locations, lighting, equipment, and schedules. I’m confident in my work because photography is my passion and my full-time career, so you can rest assured that when you book with Bri’Anne Elizabeth Photography the only thing you have to do is simply be you…I’ll take care of the rest.


I didn’t realize just how crazy expensive wedding photographers were until I went in search to hire one! Yowza! I love a good paycheck as much as the next person but I have an internal struggle between needing to maintain quality of life and putting newlyweds into debt just so they can get the photos they want. This goes for my portrait sessions too, I want families and seniors to be able to enjoy their photos without regretting the investment. This being said, my prices change every year as my business grows, but I’m not pocketing all of what you purchase…enters reason number three…

Supporting Causes

I love people, love Jesus, and I love doing missions work. My hubby and I have hearts for missions and missionaries therefore I want my business to reflect what I believe. The percentage has changed over the years as my expenses have grown, however I have always donated between 10-50% of my photographic income to supporting students and missionaries in Uganda, East Africa. I have been to and lived in Uganda and have substantial connections with locals and the culture in Uganda, which is why I feel particularly led to donate here- its my hearts second home.

Currently 10% of every session and/or wedding booked is donated towards impoverished families through Compassion International and local missionaries based in Uganda. Photos for you equals opportunities for them - win, win.

Finally, you’re hiring more than just a crazy lady who likes to take pictures. I have a BFA in painting and drawing and have been a painter for over 14 years. I’ve shown my paintings and photographic work in galleries and I LOVE being able to now express my artistic side through a profitable photography business. I began photography using a $35 film camera, and developed my own film at a local community college. Now years later I love how quickly my “big girl” camera operates, but I’ll never forget the foundational skills I learned using film. Every moment can be beautiful if you capture it correctly. To me photography isn’t about how good your camera is…it’s about how good your eye for beauty is. I use my background in the fine arts to give my clients photos that not only capture the beautiful moments, they capture the essence my clients’ personalities.